Do It Yourself / Contractor Installations

DIY and Contractor installations are a breeze with our ErgoDock™ systems!

  • Easy to handle packaging.
  • Custom-made to your dock's measurements - just roll out and apply.
  • Easy to follow installation guides
  • Can be installed in just minutes - not days as with removal and replacement

We believe in taking a holistic approach to your purchasing cycle. Our in-house design and engineering team is here to help you conceptualize, design, plan, price, and install (if necessary) your project every step of the way. You’ll not only end up with the right solution, but will save time and money in the process.


Installation Comparison

Our carpenter could only remove 4 sq. ft. of wood decking in the amount of time it took our installer to apply 189 ft2 of ErgoDock™!

Fastener Encasing

Video highlighting how fasteners are fully encased into the SafeTread™ membrane promoting consistent surface aesthetics as well as saving you the additional cost and labor of hidden ‘clips’ or pre drilling as required with composite decking. There are no exposed fasteners, prevents rust, stains and potential injury from retracted nails or screw heads compared to wood decking applications.

Super Summer Sales Event

Purchase your ErgoDock™ GS, PS, SS, MP or AR system during our Super Summer Sale Event and we will automatically give you a 20% discount off the total purchase price of your ErgoDock™ system. Order soon and don't miss out on the savings!