ErgoDock Systems

What is the surface of ErgoDock™ made of and how?

The ErgoDock™ surface is handmade of a sustainable granular polymeric elastomer mixed with an aliphatic fluid (both highly UV resistant and color stable) to produce a viscous slurry. 

This slurry material is then placed into custom fabricated molds, which are constructed in-house to the exact measurements of your dock. Once in the mold, the slurry is leveled with laser accuracy to our specific, desired thickness. Then the slurry granules are concurrently vibrated and compacted to orient the granules into a very specific cellular structure. After this process is complete, the system is allowed to set until cured. Our multi-patent pending process results in a safe, self-draining, extremely tough and comfortable dock surfacing material.

What dock materials can ErgoDock™ be installed on?

ErgoDock™ Peel and Seal can be installed on wood decking, composite decking, aluminum decking, steel decking, concrete slab decking or plastic decking. ErgoWood can be installed in place of wood or composite materials.

What are the main advantages of ErgoDock™ over wood or composite decking?

Simply put: safety, ease of installation, aesthetics and design life.

What is the warranty on the ErgoDock™ Systems?

Our products have a limited 50-year warranty. We will meet or exceed any published warranty offered by other current wood or composite decking manufacturers.

Is ErgoDock™ similar to marine carpet or stock sized deck matting?

Absolutely not. The only similarity between ErgoDock™ and marine carpet or decking mats is that it is shipped to you in a roll, panels or planks.

Marine carpet deteriorates from UV exposure, traps moisture in-between the carpet and the existing dock surface, thus creating an environment for structural deterioration (rotting) and the associated odor produced by this deterioration. Marine carpet is extremely slippery when wet, wrinkles from use and thermal cycling and begins to show traffic wear and compaction soon after it is installed. Deck matting also traps moisture, is uncomfortable to walk on, and collects dirt and debris. ErgoDock™ possesses none of these design flaws.

In your pictures the ErgoDock™ system almost looks like it was poured in place, it fits so well. How do you keep the edges so straight and cut outs so precise around posts and other protrusions?

Using your measurements, our manufacturing process and quality control practices assure precise cutting of your system, no matter what the design of your dock structure is. Our mini panel version is cut to fit on each decking plank.

How much does ErgoDock™ cost, compared to wood or composite decking?

ErgoDock™ is very similar in price to contractor installed wood or composite decking material installations. 

Below are some average installed costs, based on our extensive price point research of different brands/styles and contracting companies:

Treated Wood $12.00 to $18.00 per ft2 installed by a contractor.  Continual painting/staining/maintenance required. 

Exotic Wood $14.00 to $28.00 per ft2 installed by a contractor.  Continual painting/staining/maintenance required. 

Composite Decking $18.00 to $32.00 per ft2 installed by a contractor. 

ErgoDock™ $10.00 to $20.00 per ft2 installed by contractor.

DIY (Do it Yourself) material cost approximately $9.50 - $11.50 per sq. ft.

As a homeowner (DIY installer) what should I do for surface prep before installing ErgoDock™?

If your dock is painted or stained, we suggest lightly wire brushing or sanding the surface, followed by a power washing to remove all dirt, debris, and loose paint/stain. Once it dries, you’ll be ready to install. If you don’t have access to a power washer, rinsing with a hose may be acceptable. If your dock is relatively clean and free of paint/stain you may skip this step and just sweep and hose off the surface with clean water and let air dry

If you have completely deteriorated, fully cracked or rotted through deck boards, or considerable bowing/cupping, we suggest replacing them if possible with Ergowood. While ErgoDock™ will drastically improve dock surface, if you have warped or bowed boards they will remain this way after ErgoDock™installation.



As a homeowner (DIY installer) will it be easy for me to install ErgoDock™ or should I hire a contractor?

ErgoDock™ can be easily installed. We provide you with a written/illustrated installation guide with your purchase, as well as a short video tutorial on this website.

Additionally, our technicians are available by phone and email to help you through the process should you have questions. It’s important to note that ErgoDockTM panels and rolls can weigh anywhere from 40 - 90 lb. So if you have any personal reservations about carrying panels on uneven surfaces or health problems that could be aggravated by lifting we suggest getting the help of a friend or hiring a contractor.

I take my dock out of the water every fall to avoid ice damage. Can I still use ErgoDock™?

YES. Again one of the many wonderful attributes of the ErgoDock™ system is its versatility. Since we customize every ErgoDock™ system, we can make it fit each individual dock section you have if they need to be removed. While the Peel and Seal surface will look completely monolithic/continuous when the dock is in service, it will have mitered joints at every individual section - so each section can be removed from the water and stored. With mini panels or ErgoWood you shouldn't have any problems removing from water.

You also have the options of using adhesive or concealed screws to install your system. With an adhesive application, your ErgoDock system would remain on each section and should not be removed - which would add some additional weight to each section.


How long will it take me to install an ErgoDock™ system?

We found that for first-time homeowner installers, after preparation, it typically takes two people around a minute per ft2 to install. As an example, a 200 sq. ft. the dock should take less than three hours to install from start to finish.

For min-panels and Peel and Seal, this includes time spent with initial measuring, initial cleaning, surface prep all the way through completion. ErgoWood will cut and screw in the sam amount of time it would take to install any wood planks. ErgoWood installation is considerably faster than composite as no pre-drilling or hidden fasteners systems are required.

Obviously, the more people helping you, the faster the installation. We’ve found enticing them with plenty of food and beverages helps.

Is the measuring process difficult?

No. The process is not difficult, but requires precision. We provide a written/illustrated guide upon purchase that takes you through the process in a few, easy steps. But if you can accurately measure the length and width of rectangles and squares, then you should not have any problems with the measuring process.

Do I have to complete the measuring process for ordering the ErgoDock™ system to get a quote?

No. All we need for a quote is an approximate total area of dock surface in square feet and which ErgoDock™ product you are interested in. 

If I make a mistake on the final measurements, do I have to order new ErgoDock™ for the area of the mistake?

No. Again, one of the great advantages of the ErgoDock™ system is its versatility.

For example, if you make a mistake on a measurement for a post cut out or for a specific length that results in a gap at posts or between panels, a repair kit with everything you need to make a color matching repair is included with your order. 

What is the best type of contractor to hire to install ErgoDock™?

We suggest using a contractor that is in the handyman, carpentry, dock or deck building or flooring installation fields.

How much does it typically cost for a contractor to install an ErgoDock™ system?

Typically, contractor fees depend on the location, size and complexity of your dock system. As a general rule, docks under 100 ft2 cost approximately $3 - $4 per ft2. Docks 100 - 500 ft2 are between $2 - $3 per ft2. And finally a dock that is at or over 500 ft2 would be approximately $1 - $2 per ft2.

How many colors does ErgoDock™ offer?

We have 8 standard colors. For special orders we can blend a variety of color mixtures we promote as ‘traditional color blends’. Our traditional color blends are made to match existing weathered wood or new treated would for those who want to match existing posts, joists and railings.

Special order pricing may apply.


How do I clean mud and dirt from my ErgoDock™?

Typically, with its self-draining characteristics, rain alone could keep your ErgoDock™ looking clean. If your dock is in a location where dirt or mud will be continuously tracked onto the surface, we suggest spraying it down with a water hose weekly, or as needed.

Please remember ErgoDock™ is like any investment you make, like your car or watercraft. If you want it to stay looking nice, then some intermittent cleaning will be necessary to maintain a ‘like new’ appearance.

Will it damage my ErgoDock™ if I spill gas or oil on it?

ErgoDock™ is highly chemical resistant and actually sheds gasoline and oils as we formulate it to be oleophobic. While gas, diesel, oil etc. should not damage or stain your ErgoDock™ we suggest washing the spill right away with an environmentally safe enzyme cleaner or similar for safety reasons.

What should I do if my ErgoDock™ gets damaged?

It is highly unlikely that with normal residential or commercial use you will damage ErgoDock™ as it is effectively almost indestructible. 

However, if for instance your neighbor has one too many adult beverages and runs up on your dock while rototilling his garden there is no need to worry. Simply email or call us with your original order number, and the approximate size of the damaged area and we can send you an easy to use repair kit that will match your ErgoDock™ color.

Is there a limitation on the width of the panel for a large municipal public dock?

No. We can manufacture any width, length or shape.

Will ErgoDock™ hold up to vehicular traffic like golf carts, trucks, forklifts etc?

ErgoDock™ is extremely abrasion resistant and resilient to heavy wheeled traffic. You should note that black rubber tires may mark the ErgoDock™ surface if there is high-speed spinning of the tires. Even this, however, can be cleaned off.

For commercial applications, what are some of the ErgoDock™ advantages over treated wood and composite decking materials?

First and foremost are the ergonomics and significantly increased pedestrian/employee safety over other decking materials. Based on the poor, public, slip resistance test results of other popular decking materials, we don't understand why any entity would open themselves up to the liability of using them for commercial applications.

In addition, ErgoWood screws are hidden which not only looks fabulous but can prevent foot or shoe damage.

We recently had a customer take a serious fall on our composite decking. Our insurance company is requiring we replace it, put on a non-slip coating or put down adhesive tape. I don't want unsightly tape, but I can't shut down for coatings or disrupt business with removal and replacement. Can ErgoDock™ be installed without disrupting my business and revenues?

Yes. In many cases, ErgoDock™ can be completely installed overnight while you are closed. If your dock is too large to complete in one night, our ErgoDock™ Peel and Seal can be applied during operating hours with little to no disruption of your business.

What is the difference in your products?

Peel and Seal is a pressure sensitive adhesive backing that installs over already existing surfaces. There are different versions: full coverage or mini-panels which give each plank its own covering and thus keeps the traditional spacing of the boards.

ErgoWood has the same surface attributes as the Peel and Seal, but our unique material make-up is already pre-installed on wood boards. With ErgoWood, you just cut and screw.

Are deck spaces necessary?

Not necessarily. The reasons you have deck spaces are: to allow for expansion and contraction of decking material, allow for water drainage, and to save money on materials.

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