The Ultimate In Protection

Protecting your deck in a beach or waterfront environment is uniquely challenging:

  • Oils, fuels, food, mold and dead foilage cause stains
  • Sunlight, wind, moisture, salt and sand cause damage
  • UV light destroys the wood's lignin, a component that strengthens cell walls 

ErgoDock eliminates exposure to all of these harmful elements. 


Stain Resistance 

ErgoDock's formula inherently repels water and hydrocarbons/oils 

  • Will not absorb water
  • Is impervious to staining, mold, mildew, fungus, bug infestation, salt spray, fossil fuels, chemical agents, etc
  • Easy to maintain as the video shows; ErgoDock™ is readily cleaned with just water


Consistent Appearance

  • Composite decking material has less than 0.03" of laminate covering its fill material
  • This makes damange to composite decking immediately noticeable (and open to deterioration)
  • ErgoDock™ color is solid through the entire thickness of the surface
  • Our color stays pristine even after long term used



Installing an ErgoDock™ surface, rather than replacing existing wood with composite decking, reduces the dead load (weight) on your dock nearly 25%. 

  • Composite decking weights 21oz per 0.25 ft2, or 5.43 lb/ft2
  • ErgoDock™ weighs 6.24oz per 0.25 ft2
  • In addition to existing treated 5/4 treated wood decking, which weights 10.16oz per ft2, installing ErgoDock™ brings the dead load down to 4.1 lb/ft2


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