Why ErgoDock™?


  • Provides the ultimate in a nonslip surface for standing and more importantly while in motion.
  • Provides a highly cushioned surface that reduces fatigue.
  • Softens impact thus mitigating injuries in the event of a fall.
  • No more abrasions, slivers, stubbed toes or trip hazards.
  • Inherently self draining.
  • Increases structural integrity.
  • Stays much cooler in direct sunlight.


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  • Resilient, durable and reliable.
  • Ultimate protection against environmental deterioration.
  • Virtually impervious to staining, chipping, cracking, warping, checking and splintering.
  • Virtually impervious to mold, fungi and decay. 
  • Color stable.
  • Holds up incredibly to both pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

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Custom-Made Comfort

  • Custom made to your dock’s exact measurements.
  • Exact cut outs afford a closely fitting surface around recessed posts or pilings and other dock protrusions.
  • Provides incredibly comfortable surface for all your activities.

We can custom build an ErgoDock™ to suit all dock structures whether for a permanent dock system or one that requires removal in sections for storage on land during the winter. You also can install ErgoDock™ over any dock decking material inclusive of, but not limited to wood, composites, concrete, aluminum, and polymer materials.

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You also can use ErgoDock™ for new dock systems. Save significant costs in materials and labor by designing and constructing your new dock with an ErgoDock™ surface system.


Super Summer Sales Event

Purchase your ErgoDock™ GS, PS, SS, MP or AR system during our Super Summer Sale Event and we will automatically give you a 20% discount off the total purchase price of your ErgoDock™ system. Order soon and don't miss out on the savings!